Social media struggles....

Hello friends!

I have been meaning to write on this "blog" thing of mine for some time. It is literally always at the back of my mind. A LOT has happened since I posted my last blog post, ha! 

If you read my last blog, it was an update about my pregnancy and the awaited arrival of Everley Quinn. Now, I have a ONE year old! Actually, she's 14 months. I am in literal shock myself that she is one and that I have not updated my blog. I love this website of mine and want to share with you all the beautiful events we have been a part of. This role of being a mother has been so rewarding and has definitely filled my "love" cup up, but so do weddings and that is why we are here! I will do a "Everley year in review" blog soon, I promise ;)

Eventfully Wed has been very busy. I have learned that being busy has so many different definitions. Besides focusing on being a new MOM, I have focused on the business aspects of Eventfully Wed and making this the best business I can for myself and my clients. It is important to me that we deliver everything as outlined and we do that in a clear, organized way. We have been testing what works and what doesn't. Simplifying business is not always an easy task and it requires a lot of trial and error. Thank goodness there are so many programs available to the wedding vendor community that make it easy, its just choosing what makes the most sense to us. The weddings we have been a part of have literally touched my heart so deep. Not only do we get to witness so much love and commitment, we help couples execute one of the best days of their life. I know we hear that  a lot, but it doesn't get enough magnitude. Every time we send a bride down the aisle, I cry. Literally every time. I also cry when I see the bride for the first time once she is completely ready and waiting for us to give her the signal as to whats happening next. Y'all, we have had some stunning brides. I feel so honored and lucky that we get to be a part of their day and will work as hard as they need me to, to make sure its perfect. 

Can you believe this year is half over??? I was writing this and realized that it is June 20th and that means Christmas is practically around the corner. I am already knee deep in thoughts about what next year will hold for us, as well as focusing on today and tomorrow.  Can I get more time please??? I know they say there are not enough hours in a day, but isn't that so right? I could literally use 3 more days to a week as well, just to accomplish all of the tasks that constantly fill my thoughts. It has been exciting to learn how to balance personal life, MOM life and small business life. Thankfully I can say I feel like I've got the hold of it and I'm ready to take on the world (ha!). 

One goal I have set for myself is to post to my social media accounts more often. I honestly do not spend much time on my phone, but when I do, it sucks me in!  I have the tendency to stare at it more than I'd like, but usually its replying to emails, checking Instagram, Instagramming my baby (cause she is too cute not to share a photo of once and a while) and honestly I don't make enough time to share our business adventures. I feel like I give myself a hard time about this because its "what Im supposed to be doing." I want  to share all the special occasions we have so honorably been a part of, its not that I don't. Instead, I feel I have been giving most of my time to my couples and family that I was not making enough time for sharing how wonderful their occasion was. Until now! I am setting my goal and will stick to it. If you have any suggestions or there is anything specific you need help with, advice on, or inspiration for, let me know and I will absolutely share content on that!

I hope everyone is having a great week filled with love and sunshine.




Photo by Timeless Memories Photography by Kristen

Photo by Timeless Memories Photography by Kristen